BZLine 4.4 inch LCD Writing Tablet Doodle Board Kids Writing Pad Drawing Graphics Board for Children (Black) - B07NRHL13P

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  • ✿Clearer images could protect your eyes! With larger size, but it's also light and thin, you could take it in your briefcase or backpack easily.

  • ✿Easy to use: Erase images and words with only touch of a button,The button is conveniently sealed and integrated into the tablet, and the screen can be erased over 50,000 times during the life of the tablet

  • ✿Pressure sensitive screen:The Parallel Halo writing tablet can create lines with different thicknesses based on how hard you push, just like using a pen and paper.

  • ✿Environmental Protection: Write or draw with the included plastic stylus or any other suitable instrument - even your finger! You'll never need to search for a pen or pencil again,And you can save 1000 pcs papers every year!

  • ✿Multi-Purpose -Ideal LCD Drawing Pad to use as writing pad:note board,paper notebook,note taking tablet,kids doodle board,sticky note,drawing pad,graphic pad,kids writing board,lcd magnet,led pad,office writing board,writer,kids pad,writing gifts,message board for people whom unable to speak.

  • Colour Name:Black


    • Ultra thin, only 4.5mm thick
    • Pressure-sensitive writing surface
    • Material: ABS + LCD LCD screen;
    • Size: 116x86x45MM
    • LCD Screen Size:4.4inches,

    Use Guide

    • Erase button, Press the button to delete the contents of writing, Cannot delete please replace the cell.
    • Cell box, when replacing the cell can be pulled out in the direction of the arrow.
    • 4.4 inches of writing area.
    • Pen, pulled out the pen from the tablet.


    • Do not expose to sunlight.
    • Do not wash.
    • Keep away from fire.
    • Do not scrape the surface with hard objects.

    Selling points:

    • Paperless
    • Can be used as a mouse pad
    • Suitable for business people,designers,engineers,teachers and doctors.
    • Family massage board
    • Used as a family message board, can be placed on the table and desk.
    • Students` learning tool
    • Class notes, drafts, and scientific equations to solve mathematical problems.
    • For little children
    • Easy to cultivate children`s writing, calculus, paintinf ability.Gadgets make study fun.
    • Unspoken words
    • Light and easy to carry, and can be reused, help deaf people communicate easier.

    Package Content:

    1x LCD Writing Tablet

    1x eWriter Pen

    BZLine 4.4 inch LCD Writing Tablet Doodle Board Kids Writing Pad Drawing Graphics Board for Children (Black) - B07NRHL13P

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